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History and Symbolism of Earrings

        They make you sparkle a little more, keep the shine on!
  • “Put your jewelry on last, and take them off first.” Put on your jewelry pieces after spraying perfume, makeup and hairdo, to avoid them getting in contact with any harsh products.
  • Avoid contact with water as it can cause metal to rust and tarnish. Hot tub bath or never go swimming wearing your jewelry it can destroy the piece due to chlorine in the pool water. Avoid wearing jewelry to bed.
  • Gently wipe your jewelry with a soft cotton cloth, it’s the best way to keep your jewelry stay in a good condition to avoid build-up of skin oils, lotions and other substances. Do not rub your jewelry too briskly, it can create scratches on the piece. Never use tissue or paper towel to clean silver.
  • Please use non-abrasive materials, if in case you use any cleaning substance available in the market. Do not use the fine jewelry cleaners, on costume jewelry, as it can destroy the pieces. 
  • To clean fine jewelry, use mild soap and a soft toothbrush, soak them in a mild water with a non-detergent soap for 10 minutes. Dip it in a plain alcohol before soaking, to get greasy build-up off diamond jewelry and dry them before storing them back in the box. Use warm water as the cold water can create discoloration.
  • Coat your costume jewelry with clear nail polish, as it will prevent tarnishing and turning your skin green. This will increase their lifespan. 
  • To avoid scratching, chipping and entanglement; please store your pieces in individual pouches. Specifically, Pearls and Opals, needs to breathe, so keep them in fabric pouches instead of plastic. Store bead necklaces flat, if threaded with a silk thread, as they stretch in time, specifically pearls. 
  • Keep a silica gel pack in your jewelry box, they can easily be found in new handbags, shoe boxes or many different products. These packs are to absorb moisture and keeps the products safe. You can also store your jewelry with anti-tarnish paper.
  • Store them in a cool and dry place, as humidity and sunlight, both can ruin both real and costume pieces. Do not store them in the bathroom, the moisture and steam can damage metal and stones, especially silver pieces. Extreme temperatures affect the luster of your jewelry.
  • Be careful when you remove your jewelry to wash your hands, do not keep them on the rim of the sink where it can easily slip down the drain. 
  • If ever in doubt, take your jewelry to any local repair jewelry stone and consult. Especially in the summer months, jewelry requires some extra care. So after summer, you can take your jewelry to a local jeweler. 


History and Symbolism of Earrings

Amethyst, is the name derived from the Greek word, Amethystos meaning, not intoxicated. It is associated with February the month the Romans dedicated to Neptune, their water-god, and with no surprise it’s known as traditional birthstone of that month. Amethyst is the zodiac stone for those born under the sign of Pisces as winter makes way for spring, and is considered as a Gem of Spring, from February 19 to March 20.

In today’s classification it is a semi-precious stone but to the ancients it has been esteemed as gemstone, it was a Gem of Fire, a precious stone worth then, as much as diamond. The use of Amethyst can be traced as far back as 25,000 B.C. to the Neolithic people in Europe. Its spiritual and legendary energies made it popular for beads and amulets in many cultures, as a stone of royalty, utilized in crowns and jewelry. Ancient Egyptians used it as a healing stone to ease fears and guilt, and as a strong protector while traveling.

Amethyst is known as nature’s tranquilizer, it calms and soothes, assisting the transmission of neural signals through the brain. Amethyst carries a high, sweet energy, particularly stimulating to the Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras.

Amethyst stone is made up of silicon dioxide. The presence of manganese in clear quartz produces Amethyst, while additional amounts of iron and aluminum deposits, as well as natural irradiation, vary the purple coloration. It ranges in hue from pale red-violet to deep violet; lavender to violet; and may be transparent or opaque. Amethyst crystal is one of several varieties of quartz, with a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, so it is a durable stone. The color of some amethyst can be subject to fading by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or bright display lights.

In addition, it is sometimes layered with white quartz as Chevron Amethyst; blend of Amethyst, clear and smokey quartz together as Brandberg Amethyst; found in combination with Cacoxenite; mixed with Citrine as Ametrine; or in rare cases, rutilated with Goethite. Natural or intentional heating can also change the color of amethyst to a pale green called as prasiolite or as green amethyst.

This crystalline quartz is found in many locations around the world. Enormous deposits of amethyst in South America and Africa provide enough material to keep amethyst’s price low enough that most people can easily afford it. Small amounts of amethyst are found at many locations throughout the world in igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. Other productive amethyst deposits are located in Canada, France, India, Madagascar, Mexico, Morocco, Myanmar, Namibia, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and the United States.

The combination of attractive colors, good durability and affordability, makes amethyst a favorite gem of artisans, jewelers, craftspeople and consumers.

About Bauble Lane

Bauble Lane is an amazing collection of exquisite jewelry. Every gem is hiding a beautiful secret. So, here is your trinket treasure trove. Each piece is designed and brought to reality by master craftsmen through “Ready-to-wear” process for your daily wardrobe; thereby living up to the art they have inherited as a priceless legacy from their forefathers. Each design is indeed an enduring personal compliment.

Bauble Lane has its own manufacturing company, KOTHARI JEWELLERY, established in 2005.

Being already engrossed in the Gemstone industry, garnering the trust of the export market was not a tough task for the organization. Within a short span of time, they have manifested a strong track record in the global area. Look for semi-precious, precious stones and diamond collection with a wide range of styles which speak volumes about the beauty and dignity.